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We want your beloved pet to feel as comfortable as possible during their stay with us, as we do any other cats we might have in the cattery at the same time. To ensure a safe and pleasant stay for all cats, before arrival at the cattery can you please ensure the following:

-All vaccinations are up to date and have at least two weeks left to run on them before their booster is due.

-Your cat is not showing any obvious signs of illness.

-If your cats go outdoors regularly, can you please ensure they are flea treated a few days before arrival.

-If on arrival we feel that your cat is not healthy and is showing signs of illness that could potentially pose a risk to any other pets within the cattery, we reserve the right to discontinue the booking

-Please let us know in advance if your cat has any food allergens or intolerances, we will then ensure we can cater for his or her needs.

- If your cat has a special blanket or toy at home, please bring this with you. This will help him or her settle into the cattery as they will have smells from home.

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